Solutions for Unmanned Systems



Pixhawk Configuration for Precise Flight Control

The Pixhawk is a standard for controlling UAS. It provides a wide range of functionalities. However, for many UAV operators (commercial or research institutions) or drone manufacturers, programming the Pixhawk is a challenge. Customization costs a lot of time and money. Especially if you need your customized flight control functions, such as terrain tracking or low-level flight, AlphaLink supports you with the implementation.

We configure your Pixhawk according to your requirements and implement your wishes individually. We provide you with flight control functions developed according to our internal development process that guarantees the highest level of safety.

As part of our service, we offer to save your configuration in-house on our stand-alone server, so that later on adaptations and changes become possible in a cost and time saving manner.



Hardware in the Loop Simulation for System Tests

Testing is essential to reduce the development risk of UAS. With the Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulator (HiL), AlphaLink provides a product that connects standard hardware and software of unmanned aircraft with standardized hardware and software from the automotive industry and manned aviation.

Using Simulink and the CANoe software of Vector Informatik, the aircraft's flight motion is simulated.  The CAN bus is used to transmit data to the flight control computer Pixhawk. The FlightStack of the PX4 software is modified in such a way that the CAN database (dbc) allows an exchange between the flight stack and CANoe. Instead of reading in sensor data, the CAN messages are written to the topics. This allows the entire system to be tested on the ground.

The verification of failure cases and an evaluation of the functionality of the software modules is carried out with the HiL, among others. AlphaLink develops the flight dynamic model for your drone and tests your system at your facility. We also offer to configure your HiL simulator customized to your needs together with Vector Informatik.



Virtual Flight Test Environment for Pilot Training

The smooth interaction between pilot and UAS is essential for safe and successful operations. AlphaLink has created the Virtual Flight Test Environment (VTFE) to give pilots an impression of the expected flight behavior, before even doing a real flight test. This web-based visual is linked to a highly accurate simulation model. It runs on any device with a web browser.

Because of the realistic flight view from the ground or using the follow-me mode, the pilot gets an exact feeling for the actual flight behavior of the aerial vehicle. The VFTE allows to digitally train the pilot, thereby reducing the practical training time and cost with the drone. After such virtual flight tests, the collected data are displayed together with target-based performance evaluations.

The VTFE can be used stand alone or together with the HiL Simulator. Through the fully virtual approach, AlphaLink creates a simulation environment tailored to your system. Through intensive pilot training and explicit testing of your system's functionality, we ensure a safe operation of your UAS.