Company History



Our office is located in Berlin-Wedding at an external Campus of the Technische Universität Berlin. Our company is part of a high-tech environment with industries and research institutions centred around robotics, IT and Automotive.


The history of AlphaLink is closely intertwined with TU Berlin and its Department of Flight Mechanics, Flight Control and Aeroelasticity (Prof. Robert Luckner). Our long experience is based on both industrial and research projects at national and international level including state-of-the-art research tools and methodologies. Of the many projects that our team was involved with, two of the most notable ones are LAPAZ (acronym for "Luft-Arbeits-Plattform für die Allgemeine Zivilluftfahrt", in English "Airborne Exploration Platform for the General Aviation") and the IFSys ("Intelligent Flying System").


At AlphaLink Engineering, we build upon traditional development of flight control functions and embedded software. Our team consists of renowned experts in the field of Flight Control and Project Management with a long and successful track record in the public and private sectors.