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AlphaLink Teamfoto (c) Max Jackwerth (1)

What we are

We are engineers by passion and entrepreneurs by heart. As a spin-off from TU Berlin, we hold a close connection to academia and are connected to the German capital region. With our international team, we work on local solutions and global challenges.

Meet our team

  • Alexander Köthe - LinkedIn

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Köthe

Co-Founder & CTO

The brain behind AlphaLink. Alex is the inventor of the patented compound aircraft and a passionate private pilot. He has a proven track record in flight mechanics and flight control and pushes the tech department to new spheres.

Dr. Daniel Cracau

Co-Founder & CEO

Daniel has left his career as UN staffer in Latin America to dedicate to the AlphaLink project. With his background in Management and Behavioral Economics and his international network, he takes care of numbers and people.

  • Janik Hopf - LinkedIn

Janik Hopf

Chief Engineer

Working at the intersection of hardware and software, always looking to solve big challenges. Janik is an experienced engineer with expertise from Industry (Airbus) and international Academia (TU Berlin, NU Singapur).

Our outstanding Rocket Scientists


Paul Worrmann
Drone Pilot & Hardware Solutions

  • Paul Worrmann - LinkedIn
James Hammond.png

James Hammond
Former Boeing, Design & Manufacturing

  • James Hammond - LinkedIn

Lars Carl Lipfert

  • Lars Carl Lipfert - LinkedIn

Julius Bennin


Future Summit

Future Summit

German Minister Andi Scheuer is amazed

IDL 2019

IDL 2019

AlphaLink wins German Aviation Innovation Award

Compound Aircraft

Compound Aircraft

The Prototype has a wingspan of 6 m

AlphaLink X

AlphaLink X

The visionary model beams Internet from the sky

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